God... Who are you... Really?

Every problem you or I face can be traced to an inaccurate view of God. We often limp through life wondering why we can't fix our innermost broken parts. All the while, our real problem is that our view of God just barely scratches the surface—like a massive iceberg barely peeking its cap above water.

The amazing secret of life is this—we can be transformed only to the degree that both our head and heart view of God changes. (We can't really change ourselves—I've tried.) It is a simple issue of cause and effect. An inaccurate view of God is the underlying disease. Our problems are the inevitable symptoms.

The more we focus on who God really is, the more we are changed. The more we focus on trying to change ourselves, the more frustrated and defeated we often become.

Some people see God as a dictator, while others see Him as a benevolent kind of Santa Claus. To some, He is distant and untouchable. To others, He is a loving father. Many view Him as an impersonal force. But who is He really? The Bible says He is a personal Spirit who wants an intimate relationship with each of us.

So how do you even begin to get to know God? I'm glad you asked! Let's just say that you won't get to know Him overnight... but that's okay. Discovering God, the perfect, all-powerful and loving creator of the universe is a lifelong adventure. Our hope is simply to help you take the next step in your journey.

Because your view of God matters,

Brad Bright