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God used Bill Bright to touch millions through the ministry he founded, Campus Crusade for Christ, and projects like The Four Spiritual Laws and The Jesus Film. Dr. Bright believed the key to his kingdom success was a kinship with God, a rich understanding of His character.

Now his insight can help you take your relationship with God deeper. A TopicGuide, TopicLinks, and over 9,000 study notes based on 50 years of Dr. Bright's personal writings point the way. How will God use you to change the world? Let the Discover God Study Bible help you find the answer.

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The Discover God Study Bible immerses readers in a deep dive experience of God's character and attributes. Over 9,000 study notes illuminate God's heart and draw readers into a rich, vibrant relationship with Him.

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The following line chart places various English translations along a continuum between word-for-word translation at one end and paraphrase at the other. Categorizing English Bible translations is difficult, and it must be recognized that relative placements are valid only in a very general sense. All of the word-for-word translations sometimes render passages very dynamically, and all of the thought-for-thought translations are very literal in some passages.