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Scripture Passage: (from NLT)

"The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure that a man discovered hidden in a field. In his excitement, he hid it again and sold everything he owned to get enough money to buy the field."
Matthew 13:44 NLT

Study Bible Notes:

Focus: Passion for God should motivate everything we do.

(Matthew 13:44) "Rejoicing in our greatest treasure. What motivates a follower of Jesus in the life of discipleship? Duty? Obligation? Although these may occasionally stir the heart, this parable reveals what ought to be the core of our motivation: passionate love! When we discover the treasures that are to be found as we serve in God's Kingdom, everything else pales in comparison. The pursuit of God's Kingdom - ideals is not a matter of 'what I ought to do' as much as 'what I long to do,' because passionate love becomes the foundation of everything we say and do (1 Corinthians 13:1-3). The Christian life is as delightful discovery of who loves us and how our loving God wants us to live and act. Make certain that holy passion for God and those around you is the central motivation for everything you do."

Study Bible Notes:

Focus: God's kingdom is priceless, yet freely given.

(Matthew 13:44) "The Kingdom of Heaven is more valuable than anything else we can have, and a person must be willing to give up everything to obtain it. The man who discovered the treasure hidden in the field stumbled upon it by accident but knew its value when he found it. Although the transaction cost the man everything, he paid nothing for the priceless treasure itself. It came free, with the field. Nothing is more precious than the Kingdom of Heaven; yet God gives it to us as a gift."

Study Bible Notes:

Focus:The great value of God's kingdom and the historical context on banking

(Matthew 13:44-46) These two parables teach the same truth: The kingdom is of such great value that one should be willing to give up all one has in order to gain it. Jesus did not imply that one can purchase the kingdom with money or good deeds.

(Matthew 13:44) treasure hidden in a field. In ancient times it was common to hide treasure in the ground since there were no banks - though there were "bankers" (25:27; see note there).

Study Bible Notes:

Focus:Salvation is hidden, yet valuable

(Matthew 13:44-46) "These two parables have identical meanings. Both picture salvation as something hidden from most people (see note on v. 11), but so valuable that people who have it revealed to them are willing to give up all they have to possess it."