Discover God's Character

Discover God’s Character.

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Is It Working for You? Are you experiencing God's peace and joy just like He promised? If you're the average "Joe Christian", you're working hard to please God, but it's not really working for you.

Can You Fix Yourself? You are broken beyond your ability to repair yourself (that's why Jesus had to die). But since you've probably already tried and failed, I doubt I'm telling you anything you don't already know.

What's the real problem? In all likelihood, either you don't know who God really is, or you're not applying what you already do know. Bill Bright, said, "We can trace all our human problems to our view of God." So, do you have problems, or do you have opportunities to see God work? Your view of God makes all the difference.

So what's the secret? If you will focus on discovering who God really is and really developing a personal relationship with Him, you will wake up one day in the near future with the remarkable realization: "I'VE CHANGED!" That's a promise.